Why is systemisation good for business?

By Emma Richards


The question: Why is a Big Mac the same wherever you buy one? Not including the latest debate about the bacon being an added extra enhancement or the nemesis of the original!

The answer: Systemisation, every aspect of the business has had each step of each of their processes analysed and the result is: efficiencies that produce consistent outputs in service, times and products.

This idea (systemisation for efficiencies not grabbing a burger!) is becoming key within small, medium and large businesses alike, the ability to take an objective look at the processes in place, linking these together and improving these to meet customer demands and expectations as well as business targets, is an invaluable skill.

Having a system in place doing something you’ve always done, is a good start but if it falls down as the business has grown, or it has naturally just become outdated then it’s not a process that is producing the outcomes it was originally destined to achieve. If it’s a process not fit for purpose don’t be shy to upgrade it, accept the need to upgrade and review like you would your mobile phone.

A correctly systemised business will bring a range of benefits, such as a consistency throughout the organisation, a team with clear roles and responsibilities, newer team members can become productive sooner, a reduction of business vulnerability when key members leave and a more streamlined, higher value business with an easy handover to a new owner

VU online have recently revisited systems that they already followed. Some were extremely strong but needed upgrading due to their own business growth and the systems not being scalable. A clear customer journey was redefined. Job roles were revisited and clearly defined with the customer journey as a guide. Service offerings were considered and designed around what was relevant to client needs now, with fluidity between all services being available to all at any time.

“As business owners it is easy to be sceptical of systemising something that we consider so personal to our clients, Emma has an ability to get right to the key questions, she then worked with us to deliver the personal touch backed by an organisational efficiency that benefits our customers experience, so they get the same level of experience every time.” Dominic Cooper, Vu Online

VU have been able to follow their vision of incorporating consultancy services as well as the more traditional offerings of marketers into their service provision. They are able to interact with businesses seeking marketing services even if they have existing relationships in place as they can work in the guise of Marketing Assistant, Manager or Consultant.

This vision was put into action by planning and systemising to their business.

If you would like to know more about systemisation, the benefits and the increased value it will add to your business, and your customers, please get in touch.


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