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What is it?

At GJC, our business is in helping your business to thrive – and we have the team to do it. We have condensed all of our combined experience into one 12-month course. If you’re struggling to see how your next 12 months are going to be any different to the last, we recommend you make a smart investment to turn things around.


The 12 Course Modules

We provide a mixture of group classroom-based learning, one-to-one sessions and between-lesson tasks, Led by Gavin Jones and his team of high-calibre consultants, our 12-month business accelerator programme is built around 12 high-impact modules.

Hover over each of the dots below to find out more about each module.

High Level Goals

In the first session we will look at your business from an overall perspective, getting to know you and what you want from the business both in the near future and in terms of an exit strategy. We will set some key targets to help you achieve these ideals.


This session will involve considering your current businesses budgets, cash flow forecasting and ability to finance future growth. We will look to improve reporting helping identify significant profit and loss areas for targeting.

Budgets and Plans

Using our new knowledge from session 2, we will start to draw up new budgets, improved reporting and relevant cash flow management for your business. We will consider the key target areas for both increasing income and profit, but also cutting expenditure areas.

Customer Strategies

This session will focus on the marketing of the business both currently and future plans, to achieve growth and increased profitability. We will identify your most profitable target markets.

Marketing Strategies

Future thought will be made to the general marketing and target market areas of your business in order to achieve the future growth required, we will consider the most profitable market to your business and the ways in which marketing for this sector can be improved.

Scorecards and Accountability

This session focusses on the procedures within your business, and the way in which these can assist with business growth and profitability. We will consider improved ways to monitor both people and processes within the business and ensure the correct responsibility measures exist.

Systems and Processes

We will look to streamline your systems and processes and help you identify both weaknesses within current practices and areas which can be made more effective. New processes might be required, or existing practices adjusted.

Structure for Growth

This session considers what changes might be required in order to react to and manage future growth. New systems, software or people might be needed or changed in order to ensure you can meet future growth targets.

Employee Engagement

We consider the people within your business, their targets and desires from the roles they perform and the ways in which these can be achieved whilst also ensuring the business remains profitable and successful. We look to processes to keep people engaged and informed within the daily happens of the business.

Personal Goals & Culture

We consider you, the business owner, and your hopes and aims for the business. This includes both your daily role and reward within the business currently, but also your plan for exit from the business and the future role and reward you will gain upon this exit.

Business Strategy & Value

This session will consider the current business value and how to increase this value both before and upon exit. We will plan ongoing strategy to help you achieve the exit value you want.

Business Review & Future Planning

This session looks again at the business from a high-level perspective, and the changes that have started to be made. We will consider the future strategy to help you achieve the exit plan you want.

Access to Maus business tracking software

MAUS Certified Advisor

Maus Business Management software can be linked to most accounts systems providing you with real time, accurate information, and demonstrating a real return on investment.

We are proud to be one of a handful of partners in the UK and even prouder to be bringing this to market in the South West.
Embarking on a 12 month accelerator program gives you access to a wealth of tools to track your ROI, set KPIs and review as the course progresses as well as education on how to get the best out of the software.

How do I book?

Just register your interest below and one of the team will get back to you for an informal chat, if you think its right for you and we think your right for it then we will take it from there.

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Courses returning in early 2020.  Register your details for more information on start dates or call 01752 717577 today.

This is the support I needed when I began my business! After just one session with GJC, I feel like I have the direction and the start of a tool kit that is going to drive my business forward with grit and determination, with a very clear process to follow

Suzanne Hubble, Fit-ER Health Club

Still not sure?

No. The course is based around MAUS and you will be provided with access to MAUS as part of the course. However, the course content can be applied to a wide variety of business situations without MAUS. That said, once you have experienced the MAUS software, we are confident you will want to use it moving forwards!

In most cases your online accounting software will be compatible with MAUS. For example, MAUS works with QuickBooks and Xero among others.

If you use Microsoft Excel for your accounting, simply export your data via CSV file and upload to MAUS.

In order to achieve current, accurate data as well as to chart and monitor changes, we recommend uploading data directly from your accounting software.

Yes. We can provide packages individually tailored to your business needs and budget. We can also provide support and training as required. Please contact us to discuss this further.

While this is not a compulsory requirement of the course, we would certainly recommend working through all modules. The full course fees will apply apart from in exceptional circumstances.

The classroom elements of the course are scheduled over 12 months and to get the most from the content we recommend this timescale. However, if you have an urgent need to change the timings, please get in touch and we can discuss the option of an individually tailored course for you.

You can register on the 12 month course for just £500 (+vat) per month.

The dates will vary according to when you sign on and whether there is availability for new participants. Details will be added to this page.

There are usually several course running at any one time so please contact us and we will try to find dates to suit you.

The course is currently being held at Boringdon Park, Plymouth. Whilst this specific venue might change, all future courses will be within the south west region.

The ‘classroom’ aspect of the course will take place on one day each month. However, additional time can be completed on a one-to-one basis to suit your circumstances. We will also provide information and tasks to be completed away from the classroom.

There are a wide variety of businesses looking to take part in our courses. Course attendees might include sole trades, SME employees, directors of large companies and more. This diversity will provide a unique opportunity to gain insight and peer support for your own business.

If you aren’t ready to book, but are interested in receiving a little bit more background about Gavin and his team, and updates for new course dates. Just drop your details in here.

We wont contact you more than once a quarter, you can opt out at any time and we will never sell your your data.

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What others had to say

Following the recent start of a new venture, I turned to GJC to assist me and act as a business adviser/consultant. Gavin & the team came into my business, reviewed how things were running, and developed a plan to help my business grow and succeed. Gavin has helped to structure my business and focus myself on the goals I’ve set, making my business is more profitable. Gavin helps to make business seem simple which in my trade is very helpful! With the structures now in place, I’m able to fully concentrate on what I do best, as there are processes in place to run the business and also grow the business moving forwards.
Mike Jennings
Doyen Voss
I approached GJC over 3 years ago, in order to help structure and grow my business. At the time, I was working alone but knew my plan was to build a firm and manage others and larger projects. Gavin came in to the company, identified areas for improvement and growth, from there he helped me to set up structures and procedures to aid with the growth of the firm, along with targets to achieve my goals. Gavin was approachable, easy to work with and had a great ability for helping me think like an owner of a business not a worker within it. My business has grown significantly in the time I’ve been working with Gavin, now employing over 20 members of the team, showing a turnover growth of 10-fold and a sister company now up and running. Gavin continues to be a key part of the company and will be well into the future.
Matt Massey
Managing Director
MPC Group
GJC was established in 2014. We specialise in supporting SMEs to grow through analysis and business planning. We get our hands dirty, working alongside entrepreneurs to achieve their business goals.