Are you building your business with the end in mind?

Have you written a business plan with a sound exit strategy?

An exit strategy is a fundamental part of any successful SME but is often overlooked or downplayed in the excitement and activity of starting and building a business.

Working out an end goal determines the overall shape and structure of your whole business because it gives you something tangible to work towards. It is also critical if you want to attract investors as they will want to know how and when they can expect a return.

To eliminate chaos from your business a consultant can help analyse the blind-spots, develop a strategy to grow your business and hold you to account.  Have you got the following in motion?

  • An effective business plan
  • SMART targets
  • Developing and monitoring relevant KPIs
  • A strategic road map
  • Systems & Processes in place

Meet the expert

Working with you on the foundations of business development we get all the critical elements of your business in place, ready for your next stage of development.

Remember. Only when you can answer the question, “What does exit look like?” can you be fully in charge of your business destiny.

Martyn Buttery

Specialises in: KPI’s, Business Plans

Martyn applies strategic thinking, complete with organisational and operational skills to bring vast improvements for SME’s and larger businesses.

Do you spend your time working in or on your business?

If you are struggling to keep up with the burdens of your business, keep on top of wages and staff, and not taking out financially what you need to, then you need to prioritise getting the fundamentals in place.

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This is the support I needed when I began my business! After just one session with GJC, I feel like I have the direction and the start of a tool kit that is going to drive my business forward with grit and determination, with a very clear process to follow

Suzanne Hubble, Fit-ER Health Club

What others had to say

Following the recent start of a new venture, I turned to GJC to assist me and act as a business adviser/consultant. Gavin & the team came into my business, reviewed how things were running, and developed a plan to help my business grow and succeed. Gavin has helped to structure my business and focus myself on the goals I’ve set, making my business is more profitable. Gavin helps to make business seem simple which in my trade is very helpful! With the structures now in place, I’m able to fully concentrate on what I do best, as there are processes in place to run the business and also grow the business moving forwards.
Mike Jennings
Doyen Voss
I approached GJC over 3 years ago, in order to help structure and grow my business. At the time, I was working alone but knew my plan was to build a firm and manage others and larger projects. Gavin came in to the company, identified areas for improvement and growth, from there he helped me to set up structures and procedures to aid with the growth of the firm, along with targets to achieve my goals. Gavin was approachable, easy to work with and had a great ability for helping me think like an owner of a business not a worker within it. My business has grown significantly in the time I’ve been working with Gavin, now employing over 20 members of the team, showing a turnover growth of 10-fold and a sister company now up and running. Gavin continues to be a key part of the company and will be well into the future.
Matt Massey
Managing Director
MPC Group
GJC was established in 2014. We specialise in supporting SMEs to grow through analysis and business planning. We get our hands dirty, working alongside entrepreneurs to achieve their business goals.